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Filtration material regeneration work

|Patent No. 10-0886374 / Invention Application No. 10-2020-0057695|

Recycling method of water purification plant (washing, sorting, regeneration)

60% reduction in innovation budget for filter replacement technology

• Saving limited resources
• Logistics cost reduction
• Natural environment protection

* Activated carbon, anthracite, silica sand

Current Status
• The filter material that has already been introduced into the water purification plant is a material that has been recognized for the quality of the filter medium in the water purification plant. Since we are spending a lot of budget, we can clean, sort,
It is absolutely necessary to have technology that can significantly save budget and work time by performing regeneration.

Features of our technology
• As an invention patent method, filter materials such as activated carbon, anthracite, and silica sand are crushed and chemically washed, and filter paper is added after regeneration. It is a breakthrough technology with no problems with the environment.

Please note that there is a possibility of patent disputes in the case of carrying out the construction by imitating the technology without consulting with this company.

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