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CEO Greetings

Ranked No. 1 in the Nation

Hyunjin Enterprise as a reliable company with technology and experience accumulated for 35 years

We are creating a better life with clean air and water.

Hello all. We are Hyunjin Enterprise.

We sincerely thank all of clients who have supported us with much love and attention and used our products.

Dedicating to the water processing field for the past 35 years, our company has developedand delivered water-purifying devices, water collecting devices, drug mobilizing equipment, and stainless water tanks to local communities, military groups, and the Procurement Office as the top-ranked company with the performance of delivery.

In order to supply clean and safe water to villages and island areas across the entire nation, our company has developed back-washing and filtering device from valley and installed them at about 2,000 water supply facilities at villages across the entire nation (top-ranked performance in Korea).

We have recently developed fine dust reducing devices in the use of water, air purifying devices, and virus sterilizing devices, as well as the fine dust reducing and river water quality purifying system.

We will continue with the research and development with the best technician personnel and know-how to be the best company in the field of water control. Thank you.

From all the employees of Hyunjin Enterprise Corporation

CEO Greetings

Welcome to Hyunjin Enterprise Co., Ltd.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all our customers for their warm and loving support and patronage of our products.
Our company has been in the water and sewage business for 33 years. Based on our experience, we have developed the water purification system, water intake system, chemical injection system, stainless steel water tank, etc. and delivered to the local government, military unit, is.

We have developed a backwash filtration system using valley water to provide safe water to village waterworks and the coastal and insular areas throughout the country and have installed about 2,000 village waterworks in Korea nationwide.

In recent years, we have developed filter-type sterilization device for waterworks and sewerage, sterilization and purification technology using solar power generation system and solar cell that can purify water and is leading the way for safe drinking water supply by possessing and constructing technology that repair and reinforce water tank security facility into stainless material, which is reinforced supergene, along with solving the problem of chlorine sterilization.

Also, we’ve prepared for droughts and floods by reusing rainwater, developed technology for establishing multi-purpose source, and we are supplying water treatment related products to public offices, schools, military camps, and Buddhist temples by endlessly developing independent and innovative technologies for radon elimination, small-scale water treatment, waterworks (forebay, lake water), and sewerage.

We will continue to do our best to become the best leader in the water management industry by researching and developing further based on the best technology and know-how.

On the other hand, we’ve opened up Invention Loving Room.
We are mentoring and donating talents regarding inventing free of charge without any requirements for everyone in Korea with the motto of “The easiest thing in the world is to invent”, so please give us continuous attention and support.

I wish you and your family full of health and good luck.
Thank you.

CEOLim Yong-Taek