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Business History

2019 Top ranked in the customer satisfaction and grand prize in innovated brand
Develop air purifying and virus sterilizing devices
Develop fine dust reducing and river water quality purifying system
Develop fine dust reducing system in the use of water
2018 Commendation from governor in Jeollanam-do
2017 Development of solar power generation system capable of water purification
Established Hyunjin ENG Research Institute
2016 Water Management Excellence Award (Korea Water Resources Corporation President Award)
2015 Reduction of drought, flood and non-point pollution, development of rainwater collection and filtration storage facility
Received INNO-BIZ Corporate Award
Commendation by the mayor of Gwangju
2012 Selected as a Korean that enhances national prestige
2011 Selected as IP (Intellectual Manager) Star Company
2010 2010.02 Awarded the Sanhak Fund Grand Prize
2009 Established Hyunjin Engineering Professional Technology Company
Awarded the excellence award for excellent case of clean water supply and practical use of new technology presentation competition
2008 Awarded bronze in the 2008 Korea Invention Patents Competition
Selected as an excellent innovation company in 2008 (Small and Medium Business Administration)
Development of eco-friendly virus disinfection device (College of Veterinary Medicine, Chonnam National University)
2007 Awarded the President Prize of Korea Water Resources Corporation for ‘2007 Eco-friendly Construction’
Awarded the Gwangju Management Grand Prize in 2007
Certified as INNO-BIZ (Small/medium company of technological innovation)
2006 2006 Awarded bronze in the Korea Invention Patents Competition
2005 2005 Awarded a prize in Korea Patent Technology Competition
Selected as an excellent product by the Small and Medium Business Administration (Filtration device)
2004 Selected as a highly industrialized new technology developing venture company by the Small and Medium Business Administration
1997 Founded Hyunjin Enterprise Co., Ltd. Corporation
1985 Established Sejin Corporation