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Developed the first ultrasonic greenhouse removal system in Korea.

2018-09-27 14:59
Hyunjin Corporation (CEO, Yong Taek Lim) has been leading water management for over 30 years by complementing the problems of village waterworks. Recently, Hyunjin Engineering, a subsidiary of Hyunjin Corporation, has been developing Korea's first green algae removal system using ultrasound. In particular, this technology uses ultrasound to attract aquatic plants and fishes in a patent-protected, eco-friendly way that does not harm them. In addition, Hyunjin won the Minister of Environment Prize and the President of Korea Water Resources Corporation. It is acknowledged internationally and spurred water treatment and pollutant disposal all over the country and has become the leader of water management.

◇ WATER MANAGEMENT Hyunjin Corporation, located in a high-tech industrial complex that has been leading the life of the road for more than 30 years, has been providing longevity, water intake, and medicines in order to compensate the problems of village water used by residents of agriculture and fishing villages since its foundation in 1985 , Stainless steel water tank, water tank security device, etc. and registered for the first time in Korea. Hyeonjin was awarded the Minister of Environment Prize, President of Korea Water Resources Corporation, Innobiz Citation, Governor of Jeollanam-do, Citation of Invention Patent Prize, and Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy. In recent years, we have developed rainwater reuse technology that can prevent BOD, COD, nitrogen, and phosphorus from being treated with a non-point pollution abatement device that can interact with aquatic plants and microorganisms, and prevent water shortage and flood damage.
Since 2004, HYUNJIN has been working on the groundwater infiltration type rainwater filtration system, its construction method, rainwater storage facility and purification system using aquatic plants including it, water purification system using aquatic plants for ecological restoration, And a water tank with filtration function to prevent droughts and floods and to prevent sinkholes.
In November last year, it is expected to develop an ultrasound green algae removal system and install the devices in reservoirs, lakes, and dams that suffered from algae using ultrasonic waves.
Thus, Hyunjin Corporation is a company that plays a pivotal role in the improvement of water quality based on the best technology, and is recognized as a representative water management company by its continuous research and development.
◇ Low-cost, high-efficiency prevention of green algae and installation of removal system = Recently, Hyunjin developed a machine that can solve both prevention and treatment at the same time after studying green algae.
Hyunjin Engineering, a subsidiary of Hyunjin Corporation, developed the first system to prevent and remove algae using ultrasonic waves and had its first demonstration..

Hyunjin Engineering recently installed a device to prevent green algae using 'Ultrasonic Green Tank Removal System' at Pungam Reservoir, Western Gwangju City. This system was the first in Korea to adopt a technology to prevent and eliminate green algae by using ultrasound completely harmless to human, animal, plant and animal plankton.
Hyunjin Engineering started the technology review in 2010, and after 5 years of research, last year registered the invention patent for prevention and elimination of green tide of reservoir, lake and dam.
The system installed in Pungam Reservoir (HJ-EL) treats a treatment area of ​​100m in length, 200m in area, 20,000m2 in area. Above all, the biggest advantage of this system is that it can treat only the desired birds by using harmless ultrasonic waves, and it can prevent and eliminate green algae with an electric charge of about 2,000 won per month. In addition, Hyunjin Engineering has three types of ultrasound greenhouse removal systems depending on the processing area, such as HJ-EXL processing 50,000㎡ and HJ-EXXL processing 120,000㎡.
Hyunjin Engineering analyzed the cases of overseas green tract damage in detail and tested the effect of the green algae removal system using ultrasound on the pond in Jeju Delhi golf course. It was installed in Pungam Reservoir this time. The technology developed by Hyunjin can reduce the damage caused by water pollution by preventing and eliminating the repeatedly occurring greenery every year between April and October when the temperature is rising due to ultrasonic technology without using drugs or machines. The system has been patented in November 2015.
◇ Continuous Research with Bold Investment Spread = Hyunjin Corporation has become a company that plays a leading role in water quality improvement based on 70 patents including ultrasound green algae removal system, rainwater reuse facilities, and top technology.
However, Hyunjin company does not hesitate to do this, but it has technical and expertise and is spurring development of technology that utilizes rainwater as well as removal of green algae.
In 2007, the company was selected as a supporting enterprise for the installation of a research institute attached to the company by the Small and Medium Business Administration. In order to develop a functional water purifier using photocatalyst and ceramic, In addition, the company has developed an eco-friendly virus disinfection device that does not use any chemicals other than water and electricity and produces no byproducts or toxic substances, proving the ability to kill birds such as avian influenza (AI) and Newcastle virus within 5 to 10 minutes. In 2012, we will develop a safety lock for water tanks. In 2013, we will save rainwater, valleys, and river water, and will contribute to smooth water supply in rural areas by developing underground dams that are easy to use when water is needed. have. This year, we are making continuous efforts to develop a water tank for freezing prevention and a container type circulation filtration system.
/ Article = Kim Hye-soo reporter kimhs@kjdaily.com

/ Photo = Park Bum Soon reporter monodaily@kjdaily.com