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2018-09-27 14:58
2,000 won per month Electricity fee for prevention and elimination of green algae 'Excellent' '

Development of eco-friendly system using ultrasonic wave for the first time in Korea 'Water management lead'

After the installation of Pungam Reservoir, the actual exam ... Surge of inquiries

We have many patents ... Growing Jiangsu enterprise with constant research and development

In 2012, the Ministry of Employment and Labor and the Korea Human Resources Development Corporation have selected Representative Yong-Taek Lim from Hyunjin Corporation as "Functional Korean of the Month".

Lim has been recognized for his efforts in technological development in water treatment, including water and wastewater quality improvement.

Lim, a graduate of Boseong, joined the military after learning civil engineering at industrial high schools and vocational colleges.
It was the construction site of Kori Nuclear Power Plant No.2 in Busan, Korea, He has been working on a project to supply cooling water to nuclear power plants, and he has renewed his interest in the field of water treatment technology. Only about 70 patents are granted.

Lim's vigor does not stop here.

Hyeonjin Corporation, located in the Gwangju high-tech industrial complex, has accomplished a remarkable achievement in developing Korea's first green algae removal system using ultrasound at its subsidiary Hyunjin Engineering as a company that has been leading water management such as complementing the problems of village waterworks for 30 years.

In particular, this technology is a patented eco-friendly method that does not damage aquatic plants and fishes by using ultrasonic waves.

In addition, Hyunjin won the Minister of Environment Prize and the President of Korea Water Resources Corporation. It is acknowledged internationally and spurred water treatment and pollutant disposal all over the country and has become the leader of water management.

◆ Development of simultaneous solution machine for prevention and treatment

Hyunjin Engineering, a subsidiary of Hyunjin, recently developed a machine that can simultaneously solve preventive and treatment methods after studying green algae.

So Hyunjin Engineering developed the first system to prevent and remove the algae using ultrasonic waves and it was the first demonstration in Korea.

Lee Yong-taek said, "Hyunjin Engineering recently installed a device that can prevent green algae using 'Ultrasonic Green Tank Removal System' at Pungam Reservoir, Seo-gu, Gwangju City." This system is the first in Korea to be completely harmless to humans, animals, plants and zooplankton. The technology to prevent and remove algae using ultrasound was applied. "

Hyunjin Engineering started the technology review in 2010, and after 5 years of research, last year registered the invention patent for prevention and elimination of green tide of reservoir, lake and dam.

The system installed in Pungam Reservoir (HJ-EL) treats a treatment area of ​​100m in length, 200m in area, 20,000m2 in area.

Above all, the biggest advantage of this system is that it can treat only the desired birds by using harmless ultrasonic waves, and it can prevent and eliminate green algae with an electric charge of about 2,000 won per month.

In addition, Hyunjin Engineering has three kinds of ultrasound greenhouse removal systems according to the processing area such as HJ-EXL processing 50,000 ㎡ and HJ-EXXL processing 120,000 ㎡.

The technology developed by this technology can reduce the damage caused by water pollution by preventing and eliminating the repeated greenhouse that occurs every year between April and October when the temperature increases by ultrasonic technology without using chemicals or machines.

The system has been patented in November last year.

Hyosung Engineering and Damsung Bioscience Co., Ltd., a specialist in engineering and water quality inspection, said, "The ultrasonic greenhouse removal system installed at the Pungam reservoir in Gwangju Seo-gu, Seoul in April, has a chlorophyll-a "He said.

As a result of the first water quality analysis conducted in early May, the chlorophyll-a value in the untreated area was 11.2 mg / ㎡, but the installation area was reduced to 7.0 ㎎ / ㎡, which is more than half I scored.

The results of the second water quality test conducted on the 20th of last month showed that the amount of chlorophyll-a in the uninstalled area was 49.1㎎ / ㎡, while the installation area was 24.6㎎ / ㎡, which shows that the ultrasound greenhouse removal system has an excellent effect.

Particularly, the analysis of secondary water quality was carried out in the situation where early heat came and the environment for green algae was created.

Lim said, "With the proven effect of removing green algae, Korea Water Resources Corporation and some cities and counties are showing a lot of interest in visiting the Pungam Reservoir."

Hyeonjin Engineering expects to see a lot of effects by installing the devices in reservoirs, lakes and dams that are suffering from green tides. This is because the maintenance cost is smaller than the effect when the practical use becomes full-scale.

◆ Leading company of water management

Yong Taek Lim, CEO of Hyunjin Co., said, "Hyunjin Co., Ltd. has developed longevity, water intake, chemical injection device, stainless steel water tank, water tank security device, etc. to complement the problems of village water used by residents of agriculture and fishing villages since its foundation in 1985. "Hyeonjin Enterprise was awarded with the Minister of Environment Prize, President of Korea Water Resources Corporation, Innobiz Citation, Governor of Jeollanam-do, Citation of Invention Patent Prize, and Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy.

"Recently, we have developed a non-point pollution abatement system that can treat BOD, COD, nitrogen, phosphorus with high efficiency through interaction between aquatic plants and microorganisms, and rainwater reuse technology that can prevent water shortage and flood damage" He added.

Hyunjin Corporation is investing in research and development.

Since 2004, efforts have been made to remove rainwater filtration equipment and its construction methods, rainwater storage facilities and purification systems using aquatic plants including them, water purification systems using aquatic plants for ecological restoration, and algae removal and eutrophication of lake water. The company holds more than 70 patents on equipment, water tanks with filtration capabilities to prevent droughts and floods, and sink holes.

Representative Yim Tae-tae said, "Hyunjin Corporation is a company that plays a pivotal role in improving water quality based on the best technology, and we will do our best to be recognized as a representative water management company by constant research and development.
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