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Rural life line water supply guard High-tech safety lock system 'eye track'

2018-09-27 14:48
Rural life line water supply guard High-tech safety lock system 'eye track'
Always monitor with black box • Use eco-friendly electricity ... Patent
Hyunjin Corporation has developed a safety lock system with an alarm system that monitors the water tank around the water tank 24 hours a day and automatically notifies the emergency situation in an emergency.
Recently, an incident of spraying toxic water from a village water tank in Hongseong has been pointed out that it is urgent to take measures against the water supply and drainage in the village, and a local medium sized company has developed an advanced safety lock system.

The main character is Hyunjin Corporation (representative Yong Taek), a water management specialist in Gwangju.

Hyunjin Company has developed a safety lock system equipped with a black box that can monitor the water tank around 24 hours and an alarm system that is automatically notified in an emergency.

In addition, the device utilizes eco-friendly solar power as a power source, minimizing power consumption and operating costs.
Hyunjin Corporation has set up a pilot system for such a system in a tap water tank in Hwasun and has been benchmarked by the local government as well as the Ministry of Environment.
In fact, on the 16th, officials from the Ministry of Environment and Jeonnam province checked the effectiveness of visiting the site where the system was installed.

Hyunjin said, "This system is able to use the existing water tank as it is, and it can manage effectively at low cost."

Hyunjin Corporation is the leading water management company in Korea for 30 years. It has developed water treatment equipment, water intake system, chemical injection system, stainless steel water tank and supplies it to local governments throughout the country.

"Since I saw the news that a toxic substance incident occurred in a foreign country a few years ago, I have developed a safety device because I think that Korea is not a safety zone," said Im Yong-taek, CEO of Hyunjin Enterprises. "We can see that a lock and an alarm system are in desperate need."

According to the Ministry of Environment, as of 2010, there are 8,811 villages in Korea, 1,577 places in the drainage basin, 607 in the water supply area, and 21,804 in the simple waterworks in 2010, reaching 33,000.

However, most of these water related facilities are easily accessible to the public, and most of the waterworks in the village water tanks are lacking in safety facilities or can be unlocked with simple cutting tools.
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