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Solar power system capable of water purification

01. Technical Features
• A solar power generation system is installed at the top of the water source and dam (lake) to produce electricity, while the bottom system prevents and eliminates water quality deterioration caused by greenhouse.
• It is harmless to the human body and does not harm the aquatic ecosystem such as aquatic plants and fishes, and promotes ecosystem restoration by improving water quality.
• Utilizing a variety of eco-friendly water purification methods using ultrasonic waves.
• Use the area of renewable energy and water ecological restoration of water source and dam (lake) as environmental education superintendent.

02. Actual situation and problems of water source and dam (lake) of water source
• Waterworks and agricultural reservoirs (dams, lakes) in the summer (April to October) cause green tides and odors due to increased sunshine and irregular water flow. However, since the water purification facilities are insufficient and there is no natural purification ability of polluted water, they are not able to perform the functions of water supply and agricultural water source.

• The water circulation system installed at the general water treatment facility and the fountain are devices that induce the water flow of the reservoir.

03. Technical concept map

Water purification system using aquatic plants

Water purification system using ultrasonic wave

Floating solar power system

04. Installation examples

[In Pungam Reservoir, Seo-gu, Gwangju City]

05. Water Quality Report

Untreated Area Installation Area
Chlorophyll-a 549.2 13.1