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Stainless steel lining construction method

| PPS registered product / invention patent No. 10-0772337 / 10-0809868 |

01. Water treatment plant • Water tank wall • Stainless steel reinforcement method
• Problem
Conventional water treatment plants, water storage tanks, public facilities, and large water tanks in multi-family homes have epoxy coatings on concrete structures, but they require periodic maintenance due to sludge adhesion, mossing, corrosion and cracks

• Improvements
It is important to repair and reinforce stainless steel plates, PE, and PP that are semi-permanent and do not react with chemicals by water chemicals because they are periodically removed from the remodeling of epoxy coating method, which is a type of high pressure cleaning and explosive chemicals, and are excellent in corrosion resistance and durability

• Features of construction method
It is possible to maintain perfect waterproof effect, corrosion resistance and durability by selecting the concrete surface worn by corrosion with cement mortar and welding stainless steel plate, PE, PP to the wall and floor

02. Construction Principle

03. Installation Effect

04. Expected effect
• It is suitable for all facilities that come into contact with water by using stainless steel which is waterproof material (housing, apartment, government office, water purification plant, water tank, etc.)
• It does not deteriorate the water purification function because it does not adhere to moss or sludge due to environmental pollution.
• No damage to the wall or floor due to high-pressure water cleaning.
• Cleaner and hygienic clean water supply due to reduction of maintenance cost of water treatment plant
• Resistant to earthquake, structure and floating settlement due to earthquake resistant panel construction

05. Features of technology
• Prevent deterioration of facilities by attaching stainless steel flat to concrete wall and floor
• No leakage due to welding and construction by bending stainless steel plate into Z-shape.
• Stainless steel plate eliminates the need for additional wall repair and waterproofing.
• No hygienic and clean water supply due to no adhesion of moss or sludge

06. Lining production process

1. Concrete wall and floor mortar maintenance

2. Attachment and installation of wall flat steel and plate welding.

3. Bottom surface flattening and attachment and installation welding work

4. Column wall welding

5. Column floor hunting welding work

6. Completion