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Stainless steel lining construction method

| Patent No. 10-0669523 |

Current Status
• Epoxy coating was applied to existing water purification plants, reservoirs, drainage basins, public facilities, multi-family houses, apartments, and large-sized concrete structures, but sludge adhesion and moss generation and corrosion
• Moss production, corrosion, cracking of damaged walls => deterioration of water purification function
• Aged and severe leak due to the limit of the life of the structure
• Severe damage to the structure due to the lack of separate repair work for the aged reservoir
• In order to carry out the coating method (mortar, epoxy, ceramic, silicon), it is necessary to pay attention to additional structure repair work.

Epoxy paint peeling

Damaged wall


Waterproof layer/corrosion layer dropping

Features of our technology
• Attachment and installation of stainless steel flat iron with anchor bolts at certain locations and intervals on the concrete walls and floors of water purification plants, reservoirs, apartments, buildings, and schools that require renovation due to aging facilities
• A method of forming a stainless steel wall that processes a stainless steel plate and welds it between the flat iron plates, making it more robust without repairing the worn concrete wall, and does not require additional waterproofing to prevent leakage.
• Reinforcement of facilities by attaching new stainless steel panels to concrete walls and floors
• Stainless steel plate is made of Ω type expansion panel, welding and construction on site
• Separate wall repair and waterproof construction are not required due to the use of stainless steel plates
• Production and storage of more sanitary clear water due to the absence of moss or sludge

Elastic panel for hemispherical reinforcement hole

Sedimentation basin

Expected effect
• Stainless steel, a water-based material, suitable for all facilities that come into contact with water (housing, apartments, government offices, water purification plants, water storage tanks, etc.)
• Moss or sludge due to environmental pollution does not adhere and water purification function does not deteriorate
• Even if washing with high pressure water, the wall or floor is not damaged and there is little leakage.
• Supply clean and sanitary clear water by reducing maintenance cost of water purification plant

Water purification plant

Water tank (water tank)

Stainless steel lining installation

1.Walling and installation welding work

2.Reinforcement work for wall and floor

3. Wall and floor coating

4.Stainless steel lining completed

Water tank stainless steel lining installation

1.Wall and floor flat iron and plate attachment and installation welding work

2.Column wall welding

3.Column bottom haunch welding work

4.Finished stainless steel lining