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[Star Brand] Hyunjin Corporation • Hyunjin Engineering

2018-09-27 14:56
Hyunjin Engineering and Hyunjin Engineering (Representative Yong Taek Yim and Hyunjin Corporation), a water treatment specialist based in Gwangju, have developed 'Village Waterworks Water Purification Equipment Set', a system that can systematically manage the sterilization and security of village waterworks using solar energy. I have received. Hyunjin Corporation announced on the 6th that it has developed a set of integral waterworks water purification equipment integrated into the water tank security facility at the same time as solving the problem of chlorine disinfection of village waterworks. Hyunjin Corporation presented this facility to the International Symposium on Sustainable Water Circulation in Kwangju Kimdaejung Convention Center from 7th. HyeonJin's town waterworks water purification equipment set has been evaluated as a drastic improvement in water purification equipment, water intake system, chemical injection system, and stainless steel water tank management, which were relatively in need of complementary management.

◇ Inadequate management of waterworks in the village = According to Hyunjin Corporation, the chlorine disinfection system applied to the existing village waterworks was exposed to sunlight during chlorination, or entered into the body, and encountered oil / inorganic mixture, causing generation of carcinogenic substance called trihalomethane.

Chlorine infiltrated into the body damages various skin diseases and heart diseases, arteriosclerosis, circulatory system weakening, digestive and genital diseases and destroys nutritional status in the body. In addition, skin contact with residual chlorine promotes skin aging in a similar fashion to exposure to ultraviolet light. Therefore, there is an increasing number of cases where a water purifier is separately used to remove the smell of chlorine in a household.

Accordingly, the limit of the disinfection by-products (THMs, etc.) of chlorine products is restricted, and the use of chlorine is prohibited in advanced countries.

However, in many villages in Korea, chlorine disinfection treatment is common because there is no special measures other than chlorine sterilization. Although ozone equipment and UV disinfection devices are widely used, electricity can not be supplied until the electricity is supplied, and inconveniences such as frequent replacement of lamps are caused by excessive maintenance expenses.

◇ Development and diffusion of the field-integrated system = Hyunjin Corporation has developed field-integrated technology after three years of research to solve these problems.
In order to solve the problems of chlorine disinfection and other ozone devices and UV disinfection devices, we have developed sterilization and water purification technology using solar cells. In addition to solving chlorine disinfection problems and integrating water tank security facilities, .

In this village water purification equipment set is a water purification system that can remove heavy metals, bacteria and odors in ground water and valley water by sterilization method of ozone filter developed based on the principle of OH radical which does not leave residual ozone. Especially, the water purification and sterilization filter is an eco-friendly product that does not cause secondary pollution because it removes odors and heavy metals through the reaction in water and sterilizes ordinary bacteria, Escherichia coli and viruses, . There is also a built-in lock feature that provides a water tank safety lock that can not be opened by an external intruder to open the water tank lid.

The safeguard device installed by the actual Hyunjin company is an alarm system notified by the black box that can monitor the water tank around the water tank, as well as the insertion lock in the water tank and the emergency human body detection sensor, and it is evaluated as being inexpensive and effective .

This water tank lock can be used to check the intrusion of outsiders, and it makes the water tank lid of the existing lock part of the existing lock part which is concerned with the corrosion into the inner insertion type of the lock, and it is a lock lid that can not be disassembled by the cutting machine or the universal key using the special key Feature.

It is economical. The UV sterilizer and ozone sterilizer in circulation are 20 million won per unit, while Hyunjin's products can be installed at 5 million won including security, sterilization and water purification. In addition, maintenance of existing facilities is separate, while Hyunjin side is free of charge for 3 years, so maintenance cost is very cheap. In addition, maintenance cost is low because solar electricity does not cost extra electricity.

Hyeonjin Corporation has installed the system in 300 high-tech facilities annually by installing the system in Kohyeong-eup, Koheung-eup, Goheung-gun, Anseong-ri Hwacheon,

It is the nation's top-ranked nationwide provincial self-governing body and military base, which are famous for being difficult to deliver.

A Hyunjin company official said, "The water tank safety lock system, the disinfection of town waterworks, and the set of water purification integrated water purification equipment are directly connected with the safety life of local residents, and the Ministry of Environment and Jeonnam Province also pay special attention. "I will prepare a plan to collect and expand the evaluation of the facilities developed and the opinions of residents," said Oh Seung-ji, reporter ohssjj@kjdaily.com.